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bbb 29 April 2019 at 20:15  


I had taken 301 room in your hotel as a stap over on way to Gokarna on 29th Apr night.

I can say it was a wrong decision to stay at your place. Facilities at your place are pathetic.

1) Fan is supposed to blow air down towards the cot. But fan above cot supplies air to walls without reaching the person laying on bed.
2) management has not maintained the windows properly. There is no holder or latch to pull window wings to close. So it's an open ventilation to room inviting mosquito. See attachment
3) mosquito net attached to windows doesn't serve purpose, since there is a hole and give free flow for mosquitos.
4) bed quality is very bad, looks not been maintained from the day of purchase/inauguration of building. Sleeping on this gives a good body ache.

With the fan not serving air and free flow of mosquitos added to bed quantity. All the members have spent a sleepless night.

With amount of more than thousands spent by customers, looks management nor the staff has any concerned towards the facilities they provide to customers. If any one of them had concerned they would have maintained basic infrastructure.

With above experience am sure to remember your hospitality for a life. I have already shared this on internet and will be sharing the experience with friends & relatives.

This was the worst stopover on our journey.





uniqueaiminc 18 January 2022 at 13:03  

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